A downloadable game

This is my unfinished entry for the 2014 7DFPS Challenge. It features about 30-60 seconds of game play in an original sprite art filled 3d environment with 3 very simple (and buggy) AI types created using playmaker.

I used Unity with the UFPS plugin so the weapons, SFX and code are not original. The placeholder music comes from Incompetech.com

Between now and the end of submission deadline tomorrow I hope to have time to complete implementation of the intro story, menu, and win state, replace the weapons models and SFX and add some more gameplay as currently it last for less than 30 seconds to a minute.

Since that is after the official end of the jam, I will submit it as a separate tagged file so it's clear that it was completed at the end of the jam.

I will upload version for other platforms and the web version at that time as well.

Published Nov 15, 2014


KillBot9000_v7.zip 88 MB